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Rare earth policy dividend gradually released the permanent magnet market is expected to continue to deepen
Author:    Release time:2016-07-12    viewed:3342

  Recently, the state council issued "about creating a favorable market environment to promote increasing the benefits of non-ferrous metals industrial restructuring to promote transformation of guidance", this also means that countries are accelerating reform of non-ferrous metal industry supply side, eliminate backward production capacity, which will be conducive to the recovery of nonferrous metals industry.

  In addition, the south China rare earth group integration work has reached a national large enterprise groups to form a work target, a formal acceptance by the panel. The relevant person in charge of the ministry also said that the rare earth to form a large group work completed before the end of June, to achieve substantial restructuring of assets as a link.

  Market analysts believe that the recent business store pushing, the store to start the bidding price, form the direct stimulation of the rare earth prices. After rare earth group in southern China, the country control force and the influence of rare earth prices will gradually appear. Under the multiple positive boost, prices are expected to continue upward, rare earth permanent magnet plate stock or have a sustained rally.

  Gf securities said that as the six major rare earth group is about to finish, the rare earth industry standard conditions (2016) for execution, the rare metal management regulations introduced later, dividend policy gradually release is expected to promote the rare earth plate prices continued to deepen, rare earth supply side is expected to steadily push forward reform. Advice to focus on rare earths, magnets, if prices rise considerably, mining and smelting enterprises will directly benefit; Ndfeb industry benefit from stock appreciation and fixed rate pricing bring performance improvement.

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