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Powder metallurgy has become an important brake material in the domestic market
Author:    Release time:2016-07-12    viewed:2911

  Braking system is more important than power system part, and for how to more effective and safe braking materials at home and abroad research are also rising.

  Currently on the market of brake material is given priority to with gray cast iron and powder metallurgy, carbon/ceramic belongs to the latest generation of brake materials. Early start international companies such as Mr. Bo used carbon/ceramic short fiber. Compared to the long fiber and short fiber has three major advantages, the first from woven, short fiber is desultorily, long fiber is one of the, so the structure strength is greater, is not easy to damage; Second from the structure shape, long fiber carbon/ceramic structure, size on any design can be realized, can satisfy the customization; The third from the performance, the long fiber carbon/ceramic temperature quickly, a more excellent braking performance in low temperature.

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