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Magnetic refrigeration refrigerator will be commercially available
Author:    Release time:2016-07-12    viewed:3317

   Since the birth of modern refrigerator, freezer refrigeration has been relying on compressor. However, the situation or fundamental change will occur. Recently, the field of magnetic refrigeration professional company Cooltech Applications released the first commercial magnetic refrigeration system (magnetic refrigeration system, MRS), means that the magnetic refrigeration refrigerator will be commercially available.

   The so-called magnetic refrigeration, is using the magnetocaloric effect of refrigeration technology. It is the principle of magnetic materials in the field of magnetization and demagnetization process, will be the release and absorption of heat. Traditional cooling technology of refrigerator usually need to add a variety of chemical refrigerants, also is the most common and fluorine. Shortcomings are obvious, produce greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, not environmental protection. Of course, big noise, high energy consumption is also a common fault.

   Magnetic refrigeration system based on the magnetocaloric effect, heating effect refers to the adiabatic process or paramagnetic iron magnet temperature varies with the change of magnetic field intensity. MRS in has a corresponding effect of material apply and remove when an additional magnetic field of magnetic momentum arrangement and randomization cause material changes in temperature, and then pump water through the material, so as to achieve the refrigerator inside the effect of heat transfer to the outside air.

   Cooltech said, magnetic refrigeration refrigerator lower energy consumption, noise and vibration will be smaller. Cooltech's first model for MRS400 market-oriented system, which can use the internal temperature of the cooling power of 400 w will keep between 2 ~ 5 ℃. MSR400 will be the first to provide business customers, mainly for retail refrigerated display cabinets, wine and medical equipment market, is currently in the final testing phase.

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