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Near net shape casting and powder metallurgy titanium alloy or replace the current application in body parts
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   Although, at present, powder metallurgy titanium alloys with only small niche market, but the emergence of the economic source of titanium powder will make the process very attractive. Structure of high standard in the design of air to make powder metallurgy titanium alloys difficult to appear on the market for a while, it may be first appeared in the military ground vehicle armor, its structure is less strict. Although this does not directly affect the aviation market, but it can reduce the requirement of the titanium sponge to cut down the price. Powder metallurgy titanium alloys is most likely as a new way of rolling products to enter the aviation market, finally it can replace the current limited in the applications of the fuselage and other forms of near net shape casting production parts. The introduction of speed of powder metallurgy titanium alloy will be the greatest influence material certification, the cost of the certification process and difficulties will cause the company to avoid in the aircraft used in powder metallurgy titanium alloy products, unless they have important applications in other areas through history.

   At present, the powder metallurgy titanium alloy is mainly used in the field of aviation engine manufacturing, due to pollution control problems, however, is often in powder metallurgy, there is no other way to produce alloy will only be used when needed. In addition, also used in the manufacture of some small parts of military aircraft. Powder metallurgy to obtain more widely used in aviation, need to source of titanium alloy and its rolling finished product manufacturers in the supply chain for a large number of investment. Titanium powder is easy to be polluted, and inflammable, explosive, access to relevant knowledge of safe handling and facilities development may take several years. At present, the titanium powder is extremely expensive, new production technology is expected to make its cheaper than titanium sponge in the future, using new technology to replace the current use of some other expensive process is expected to achieve cost savings, so as to promote the rapid development of powder metallurgy titanium and titanium alloy and a wider range of applications.

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