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2016 powder metallurgy business forum perfect ending
Author:    Release time:2016-07-12    viewed:4123

  Since last year, the global economy continues to be weak, the domestic traditional industries overcapacity, car production and sales growth is weak, the real estate downturn. In such economic background, by, Chinese injection of China powder metallurgy business network forming network ( host the 2016 China Powder Metallurgy Technology Business Forum on June 16 to 18 in Wuxi Xizhou Garden Hotel held. The forum was co organized by: Zhangjiagang Gangwei ultrasonic Electronics Co., Ltd., GKN Bazhou metal powder Co., Ltd., Rio Tinto iron titanium (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Dongguan Worden Seiko mold Articles Co., Ltd., Ningbo in accordance with our special heating equipment Co., Ltd., Wuxi City hengteli metal products Co., Ltd.; support unit for the five provinces in East China City Powder Metallurgical Society and powder metallurgy industry technology innovation strategic alliance.

  As an important event in the industry, the powder metallurgy technology business forum has been the majority of peer attention and favor, the actual number of participants more than 500 people. The forum is also as popular as ever, the main venue of the hotel even before the convening of the forum has been booked a month.

  The content of the forum has been the focus of attention of the participants. The Forum Organizing Committee report on the forum for the preparation, not only contains the China powder metallurgy parts industry development present situation analysis "report of this analysis of the industry as a whole and including host parts procurement, powder metallurgy parts defect analysis, powder metallurgy mold and other industry segments category report adds to the number today hot spots in the world: MIM and 3D printing and other cutting-edge technology special subject report, represent the majority of horizons. These wonderful reports to the delegates have nodded praise.

  Besides that, the forum will remain popular welcomed the participants to the powder metallurgy high difficulty parts of the field analysis of technical difficulties and solution scheme of the seminar as the highlight. Part of the delegates with specific issues and industry renowned experts consultations, other representatives are also listening to the side, analysis of the problems of peers, from the harvest.

  The small exhibition outside the forum venue by the participating companies, limited booth not only was scheduled for a long time, more companies are proposed to increase the number of booths. Because of the poor environment, many enterprises are eager to show their own advantages of products, in order to be in an invincible position in the competitive market environment.

  The 18 day, the delegates visited the Zhangjiagang City Gangwei ultrasonic Co. ltd.. Delegates by ultrasound Hong Wei company's warm reception, and a better understanding of the various types of powder metallurgy special ultrasonic cleaning machine and ancillary equipment, and the company of skilled craft and advanced concepts expressed admiration. In the afternoon, the delegates also together in the town of water characteristics of the town to relax the freedom of exchange.

  On the occasion, the powder metallurgy technology business forum has been the perfect ending, delegates not only enhance friendship, get to know new customers, expanding the business, more important is through the forum to understand the current situation of industry development, to solve the technical problems in the actual production, development for the future with confidence.

  Let us look forward to next year's powder metallurgy forum!

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