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Dr Mike exploration company he buji pavarotti re the latest progress of the joint venture
Author:中国稀土    Release time:2016-07-12    viewed:3311

  Matamex Explorations announced that the company is on track to complete gigapascals tile (Kipawa) rare earth joint venture project in 2015 ~ 2017 all the goals. He mike exploration company has a 72% share of the project.

  Publish news as follows:

  Joint venture established in January 2015, and hold money c $4 million. As of March 31, 2016, the joint venture has invested $1970000 to meet the target. To complete the goal, from 2015 to 2017 in joint venture project investment before the rest of the c $2030000 next year.

  Under the background of sustainable development, gigapascals tile rare earth project success depends on the completion of the following four aspects: business: development and improve the metallurgical process technology; To complete the project economic feasibility study; To achieve environmental targets; Get social acceptance. Established in 2015 ~ 2017 related goal is as follows:

  Optimization of metallurgical process flow;

  the industrial scale demonstration recycling of rare earths from silicate minerals;

  Assessment programme, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the project;

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